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Suck it Up

I might be a hippy.

Posted on 2006.03.15 at 00:44
Current Mood: blankblank
But I'm not sure yet... wtf? Alright, here's me being obsessive again:

You know you're obsessed with Phantom of the Opera When...Collapse )

A Mask


Posted on 2006.02.05 at 05:11
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Phantom of the Opera

Which phantom of the opera character are you? (Female)
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A Mask


Posted on 2006.01.29 at 15:04
Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: Masquerade
Saw Phantom of the Opera last yesterday. IT OWNED YOU...

Paper faces on parade . . .
Hide your face,
so the world will
never find you!

Every face a different shade . . .
Look around -
there's another
mask behind you!

Flash of mauve . . .
Splash of puce . . .
Fool and king . . .
Ghoul and goose . . .
Green and black . . .
Queen and priest . . .
Trace of rouge . . .
Face of beast . . .

Faces . . .
Take your turn, take a ride
on the merry-go-round . . .
in an inhuman race . . .

Eye of gold . . .
Thigh of blue . . .
True is false . . .
Who is who . . .?
Curl of lip . . .
Swirl of gown . . .
Ace of hearts . . .
Face of clown . . .

Faces . . .
Drink it in, drink it up,
till you've drowned
in the light . . .
in the sound . . .

But who can name the face . . .?

Grinning yellows,
spinning reds . . .
Take your fill -
let the spectacle
astound you!

Burning glances,
turning heads . . .
Stop and stare
at the sea of smiles
around you!

Seething shadows
breathing lies . . .
You can fool
any friend who
ever knew you!

Leering satyrs,
peering eyes . . .
Run and hide -
but a face will
still pursue you!

Now I'm supposed to go to church. FUCK.

A Mask


Posted on 2006.01.18 at 02:35
Current Mood: depressedshit
I can't do anything anymore without getting upset. It really sucks. I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow...at least becasue I was home sick today (because I probably made myself sick...god damn) I only have a 3 day week...it can't be that bad...but still...these past 3 days...I've never felt worse...

People are constantly accused of faking depression because it's "cool" and trendy...I don't understand why anyone would want to do that...but its probably why I'm afraid to say anything...I wish someone would talk to me...

A Mask

Do you remember rock and roll radio?

Posted on 2006.01.12 at 19:43
Current Music: Danny Says [[The Ramones]]
Hmmm... Tomorrow is....


Legasp! O_O
Oh well. I think I'll give Teresa her birthday gift tomorrow because I still don't know if we're going over on saturday... I hope we are... I WANNA MEET EMO BOY LUKE! *kicks dirt*

And Chelsea thinks I'm a mental whore because I told her about a dream I had the other night...which I dare not repeate... And if I did it'd be watered down.... o.O

Good news...I only have science homework so I GET TO PLAY THE SIMS TONIGHT!!!! *dances*Ut I forgot my spelling book so I can't study.... fuck.. >_

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Posted on 2006.01.08 at 06:13
Current Mood: weirdghktghjg X_X
Current Music: I Don't Wanna Go Down To the Basement [[The Ramones]]


But I never wrote about last night...so here it goes! Ann picked me up when I was very not ready but we went back to chelsea's house, switched cars, picked everyone else up and went to APPLEBEES! Man that was fun. I actually talked to Christine (which I don't get to do much) and Caitlin, Chelsea's cousin who I now love... she was awesome xD

Then we went to see "The Ringer" and I sat next to Chelsea so I just heard her go "OMG JOHNNY IS HAWT" but I'm used to it... Then we had to go drop everyone off and because I was one of the last people they brought home Chelsea,Caitlin,and myself went to get ice cream with Ann. It was just the four of us and it was so funny because before we got there they wanted to pull a prank on Chelsea's dad or stepdad or something...point being they made me get on the phone and act like Ann was going to jail XD

It was retarded but it was so damn fun.

A Mask


Posted on 2006.01.06 at 20:04
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: Alice in Wonderland
Well...Um....its a new year and shit....

So tonight I'm supposed to go out with chelsea and company(I think I know mostly everyone)to Applebee's and then I think we're seeing The Ringer...Yay! xD

And....I FINALLY GOT A RAMONES SHIRT GO LIZ.And Alice in Wonderland which I shall watch whiel I make more shitty avatars. Oh well.

A Mask

*I* have an egg.

Posted on 2005.12.31 at 04:36
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Anarchy for the UK [[the Sex Pistols]]
This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

Next week. Yay. I have to go back to school soon. *shrugs* Oh well. I Got a pet Lizard. =O =]
He's a cutie and I luff him ☻♥ I'm still playing sims obsessively... but its all good. My house is shaping up nicely... I GOT A FLOOR! YES! I like this CD... O_O

A Mask

Avatars... agian...

Posted on 2005.12.30 at 05:15
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Drawn Together (TV)
Man. I need a frikken life.

Ramones/Sex Pistols/RancidCollapse )

And um....yeah... x_x

A Mask


Posted on 2005.12.29 at 05:31
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Bonzo Goes to Bitburg [[The Ramones]]
Well, tomorrow/later today we're going to visit my uncle.


WHAT DE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY? This is why I'm into famly shit, its awkward... And then I got cousins... eeeeehhhh.... *whines* I don't wanna... but there's a 2 hour car trip which is okay because I can either sleep or listen to my shit, undisturbed.

I'm tempted to use the "Love Kills" avatar I made of Sid and Nancy but I matched my layout to this av so... yeah, I'm a lazy sunovabitch... But I'm getting a little better with the avatars. I just can't make animated ones... oh well, the majoraty of flashy icons are annoying... I need to go to sleep.

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